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You've probably heard PRO-biotics are GREAT for YOU...but did you know that they actually need their own source of energy to THRIVE and actually BENEFIT YOU?

The Daily Uplifter is PACKED with Natural PRE-biotics the fuel for the PRO-biotics naturally found in your gut;

PRE-biotics are the missing piece your body needs to start feeling




uplift food daily uplifter vanilla prebiotic supplement mood boosting probiotic powder

Did you know that when you eat PRE-biotics, you actually help your body release mood HAPPYserotonin!'s actually can support your own mood through the GUT HEALTHY PRE-bioticsthat you cool is that!?


So what's in the Daily Uplifter?

uplift food daily uplifter australia ingredients prebiotic resistant starch supplement

  • Pure organic and non-GMO natural plant based ingredients
  • Whole-food derived well absorbed and utilised vitamins and minerals

Ingredients: organic sprouted fermented pea protein, organic jerusalem artichoke inulin powder, organic green banana flour, sacha inchi seed wholefood protein, natural vanilla flavour, aquamin natural sea mineral complex, organic stevia extract powder, organic ceylon cinnamon powder, organic mesquite powder, organic high vitamin D mushroom powder, vanilla bean powder, probiotic blend (L. Acidophilus, L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus, B. Lactis, B. Longum).


Follow a special diet? No worries - we've got you covered!

In as little as one serve of your Daily Uplifter, you are nourishing yourself with:

  1. 10g of satisfying protein
  2. 7g gut loving prebiotic fibre + super powerful prebiotic resistant starch
  3. 1B CFU mood specific probiotics
  4. 50% of your daily anti-inflammatory Vitamin D requirements


You can expect to immediately feel:

  • Reduced hunger and increased feelings of fullness
  • Improved digestion and reduced bloating
  • Energised! 

Packed with prebiotic soluble fibre and prebiotic resistant starch, your good gut bugs are going to finally feel as though they are being switch on, supported, and raring to go to help you feel your best!


uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic supplement pancake recipe

Simply blend up to 3 tablespoons:

  • Into your morning smoothie or over your oats
  • Through your protein or energy bliss balls and bars
  • Into your pancakes, waffles, muffins, cookies or healthy cakes

uplift food prebiotic gut health daily uplifter supplement smoothie bowl

Plus - If you really do not feel like preparing any of the above, you can always just mix the powder through a cup of milk, or the milk alternative of your choice!

uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic Supplement mood boosting probiotic powder

uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic supplement smoothie bowl recipe probiotics gut health


You will not find any:

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Added sugars or blood sugar spiking ingredients
  • Synthetic vitamins or minerals
  • Cheap fillers, additives or preservatives
  • Common allergens such as gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts or fish


Suitable for speciality diets:

Vegan Low Sugar
Gluten Free Keto
Paleo Wheat Free
Dairy Free Lactose Free
Nut Free Soy Free
Egg Free High Fibre
Pregnancy Lactation

Highlighted specialty diets:

  • FODMAP- The Daily Uplifter is suitable during the re-introduction phase. Feedback from our customers with sensitive stomachs is that they have felt amazing using the Daily Uplifter in small amounts, as a tool to help strengthen their gut health.
  • Ketogenic dietary followers can easily incorporate the Daily Uplifter; Of the 10.9g of carbohydrates per serve, 7.2g are coming in the form of dietary fibre, meaning only a few grams of totally available carbohydrates are actually present.
  • Diabetes friendly - the Daily Uplifter is made up of low glycemic index ingredients, and has a low total carbohydrate content per serve.

Please check out our FAQs should any of this relate to you.

The information provided here is general in nature, and we would always recommend you seek personalised advice for your unique requirements.

uplift food daily uplifter overnight oats prebiotic supplement vegan probiotics

Health and Fitness Lovers:

If you are into health and fitness, and want to supplement your diet the way elite athletes do for peak performance, look no further than the Daily Uplifter;

Recommend by leading sports dietitians to the country's elite athletes in order to give their players the extra edge, don't you want to join them?


Recommend intake:

Begin slowly;

Adults: Start with 1 tablespoon per day and gradually increase over a few weeks up to 3 tablespoons (25g) - Do not go overboard.

Children: Children may consume the Daily Uplifter - simply start with 1 tsp and gradually build up to 1-1.5 tbsp, based on tolerance levels.

Either blend your Daily Uplifter with the milk of your choice, into a smoothie, or into your favourite healthy pancake, muffin or protein ball recipe (it is best to consume uncooked to maintain all the nutritional benefits).

uplift food daily uplifter

Make sure you simultaneously increase your fluid intake and keep your body moving as you increase your fibre intake through your Daily Uplifter.

uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic supplement chocolate gut health brownie daily uplifter mood probiotics

Our customers tell us that since starting to take the Daily Uplifter they feel less bloated, less hungry, have improved digestion, and overall are feeling Uplifted!

Now it's your turn to join them and feel amazing!


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