About Us

After an unsuccessful journey to heal our baby daughter’s gut and multiple food intolerances through mainstream medical channels, we decided to take a natural approach instead, and it paid off. Our daughter is now a healthy, happy toddler, with two very happy parents.

Over this stressful and challenging, but educational and empowering journey, we slowly stumbled across an amazing integrative practitioner, a knowledgeable health coach who had previously been in our shoes, endless products, services, workshops and advice that have led us to where we are today.

I wondered how different things would have been if we had come across all of this gold at the same time, at the very beginning of our journey. From this wonderment, The Gut Healing Community was born.

We are proud to offer a valuable range of products and services all listed in our Gut Health directory, so that you can fast track your healing journey.

Our aim is to give our community an easy to find list of products & services, to aid in healing their gut naturally.

If you list your business with us, we will give you exposure to a large audience. We take care of all marketing & advertising which will lead to increased sales for your business. As well as our marketing expertise, we also have a passion for gut health and toxin free living as a product of our personal experience.